Why do we do it?

What is the most beautiful job in the world? For us it is filming.
Filming is writing stories through images and we do it with ideas, cameras, lights, sounds, effects, art, heart, ingenuity, and decisions.
Filming involves deciding things like: Where to focus, how to direct, how to create an image, illuminate or move the camera.
Each decision will be a fundamental ingredient to create visual stories that excite the viewer. From idea to form and form to results.


Terranova is an audiovisual production company specializing in content creation with soul for all platforms.
We love turning ideas into stories that drive brands.
More than 10 years of experience and renewed confidence are our best guarantee.
We work for companies, institutions, agencies, managers, influencers …
Aware of the time and effort to capsize in each project, we accompany since the creation of the script to the last frame, taking care of every detail for you to get the best results.
We learn from you and for you, that’s why we like to keep up to date with all the news in advertising and communication, without losing sight of the fact that the client is always the best teacher.

Josep Repiso

I am the Alma mater of Terranova, creative by nature and audiovisual Director of cinematographic projects, if you tell me your project I will not rest until I raise it to another level.

I have ridden through sets, series, programs, advertising spots and documentaries without losing sight of what matters most to me: enjoy and learn.


In front or behind the camera?
Each brand, project, campaign requires different professional profiles in the team.
If you want to join our productions, please send your CV / portfolio to our mail.